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Many businesses go through the hard work of establishing a business, hiring employees, building their infrastructure, but leave their digital footprint behind and make themselves impossible to find. Your website is about making sure the people looking for your business can find it.

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“The more time you spend contemplating what you should have done…you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do.”

Frequently asked questions

As a service? No. Much of what is marketed as “SEO” is snake oil. A site that loads fast, has modern security features, and has relevant information to your audience will be infinitely more successful than most attempts to trick various search algorithms. My goal is always to make your website lean, effective, and findable. While this can include integration with Google’s services like Google Maps, I don’t do things like click-through campaigns.

Websites can range in cost. A storefront can cost several thousand dollars and a lot of time, but prices change depending on circumstance. A more basic website is usually around $900. A 50% deposit must be made, though larger projects may be broken up into other milestone plans.

The overwhelming majority of the time it is WordPress. While it would be fun to make every website out of React and run it on AWS servers using Kubernetes this tends to make sites unmaintainable for a client who is looking to make minor changes. The user friendliness of WordPress is simply too important for my clients moving forward.

The overwhelming majority of my clientele comes from word of mouth. My ideal case is building out a website to a sheet of specifications, having it approved, completed, and having my clients business effectively double. At the end of the day the fact that I’m good at my job gets me a lot of business. 

No, but if you’re interested in learning web development on your own I suggest the Odin Project as a great starting point. I only train clients and their employees in the technologies they need to make the best use of their websites.

My favorite question. I have a resources page dedicated to providing detailed information on what is required to move forward. This includes a preview of my contract, financial obligations, and tax information.